What we offer

We offer a comprehensive and innovative alternative education for homeschooled children aged 5 to 10 years old. Our classes are intentionally small, fostering a bespoke learning experience in the comfort of a home-like environment.

At Happy Healthy Juniors, we empower children with the essential skills and tools needed for learning, eliminating barriers to their educational journey. Within a safe and nurturing atmosphere, children are provided with the opportunity to thrive.

Recognising each child's uniqueness, we tailor our curriculum to align with their individual needs and interests. In our healthy and creative setting, children embark on a journey of personalised growth, embracing limitless potential while discovering their identity and purpose.

We go beyond conventional education, unveiling the full spectrum of children's learning experiences. Our approach surrounds them with inspiration, passion, respect, gratitude, kindness, resilience, and a growth mindset.

At Happy Healthy Juniors, our focus is on teaching children how to learn, emphasising the process over specific content. We believe real-life experiences are crucial for a well-rounded education, providing opportunities for children to connect the dots. Through these experiences, they develop an understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts, explore language, enhance literacy and communication skills, and cultivate an open-minded and curious approach to learning. Our exploration of new projects ensures coverage of a range of core subjects.

Nature plays a vital role in our micro-school, with a significant portion of our learning taking place outdoors.

To keep parents informed, we provide comprehensive termly reports, personalised learning journals, and regular opportunities for communication.

We presently have a waiting list for our two branches located in Kingston and East Dorset. For more information and to include your name on our waiting list, please reach out to Lucy or Seran by clicking the button below.

"My two children absolutely love attending Happy Healthy Juniors Micro School! Seran and Guy are both so lovely with the children. Seran's curriculum makes learning so much fun and the children are always excited to find out what they'll be doing each week. The small size made it easy for my children to feel at home and get to know the other children and grown ups. Thanks for all your hard work!"